There is a widespread view among Russian analysts that the airtime rate (ETH) will continue to rise in price.

Currently, the largest altocoin is traded at $382. ETH’s capitalisation has dropped over the past 24 hours to $43.289 billion. Tatyana Maximenko, representing Garantex CryptoMarket, predicts that the airwaves will strengthen ahead of the launch of an updated version of the network (ETH 2.0).

The development team expects to integrate the update into the work of the blockbuster by the end of 2020. Initially, the network update was planned for November, but then the schedule has shifted. The airwaves will be moderately expensive and we should not expect an explosive growth in the cost of altokoin, RBC said.

Anatoly Radchenko, managing partner of United Traders, is also optimistic about the long-term prospects of ETH. This analyst does not rule out even a scenario where the airwaves could reach $700.

An increase in coin value is expected after the presidential elections in the USA. The stock market will find itself in a state of turbulence and investors will look for alternative instruments to protect their capital. In addition to bitcoin, demand for air will also increase at this point, Radchenko concluded.