Profits from investments in cryptomorphic, marijuana and gold funds exceed Ibovespa

Revenues from investment funds in cryptomorphs exceeded 217% in 2020.

Profits from investments in cryptomorph funds, marijuana and gold exceed IbovespaNOTÍCIAS

With returns exceeding 217% in 2020, some investment funds considered ‚differentials‘ recorded an unexpected performance in the financial market.

While the Ibovespa had only 3% return in 2020, for example, funds with cryptocats, such as Hasdex Criptoativos Voyager FIM IE (HDAI), had 217.23% annual return, considering the period between January 1 and December 14, according to Valor Investe.

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On the other hand, investments in gold and marijuana Bitcoin System related funds were also among the best performers of the year. In the case of the precious metal, through the BTG Gold USD FIM fund, the return shown corresponds to 46.26% over the last twelve months.

Cryptomoedas beat Ibovespa
The Ibovespa index is an indicator that presents the average share price of the main companies that operate in the Brazilian Stock Exchange. With a growth of only 3% in 2020%, the return offered by the index was easily surpassed by the results of investment funds in cryptomoedas, such as the HDAI.

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Considered the fund with the best return in the market in 2020, HDAI made a profit of approximately 218%, with investments allocated 100% in cryptomoedas, such as Bitcoin (BTC), Litecoin (LTC), Ethereum(ETH), Polkadot (DOT) and others.

According to the list, another Hasdex fund is considered the second best return in the last twelve months, consolidating cryptomoins as a profitable form of investment.

In this case, the Hashdex Cryptoactive Explorer FIC FIM fund recorded a return of 67.89% and has a mixed fund, where 40% is allocated in cryptomorphs in the HDAI and the remaining 60% is in fixed income.

Gold and marijuana with profit
Marijuana and gold also appear on the list that brings the two cryptomote investment funds as the best financial returns of 2020.

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With a fund legalized in the United States, Vitreo Canabidiol FIA IE was considered the third best return of the year, with 64.52% growth allocated to investments in medicinal marijuana.

In addition to investments in medicinal marijuana, gold also appears among the best returns of the last twelve months. According to the list of ‚difference‘ funds in the market, XP Trend Ouro Dolár FIM had a growth of 46.26%.

Finally, another gold investment fund appears in the ranking of the five best performers. With 46.25% return, BTG Gold USD FIM completes the list of equity income funds.